Turn Left At The Cornfield

Learning how to hurry up and slow down.

This I know….


Everyday happenings can be a rich source for subject matter, whether one is writing a column or a blog. A dog and a cat were the inspiration for writing a weekly column in a local paper entitled, “Country Living with the Cat.” Finding the funny, the ironic, the silly, and the serious while living in the “back of beyond” has appealed to a quite diverse audience.  Over time, the cat had gained followers in every corner of the United States, and they wanted to know what new adventures a grey and yellow striped tabby cat named “Loki” had survived.  Loki is king of the homestead–where the humans are merely his minions–along with Murphy, the second golden haired dog on the farm.

Over the period of five to six years, the humans built and finished their dream house with a fantastic view of a pond.  The humans, both retired from their careers, have yet to act like retired people, since there is so much they want to accomplish on their two-hundred acres of fields and forest.  It is hoped that this blog about the experiences, mistakes, and “aha” moments of the neophyte farmers will be both informative and entertaining.

It is heartening to know that George Bernard Shaw thought the same way, when he penned,

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”



  1. I love it!
    One of your oldest fans, for sure!

  2. Best yet, love your new voice!

  3. It sounds like a great start. Keep going.

  4. Keep writing!

  5. WOW. I’m quite intrigued, defiantly very awesome.

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